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No 108, Mansour Alley, Mirzaye Shirazi Street, Motahari Street
Tehran - I. R. of IRAN


The non-governmental and non-beneficial National Studies Institute is a scientific, research and cultural institute about the national identity, national unity and social solidarity that has been established since 1997. This registered and authorized institute performs research activities on the following areas:

  1. Applied and basic studies and researches about different fields such as national unity and social integration, Iranian identity, civilization, culture and Iranology.

  2. Applied and basic research about nomads, religious groups and Iranian sub-cultures

  3. Research and study about factors, roots, reasons and the process of Iranian nation and identity- building and its changes or transformations during the centuries.

  4. Research about relationship of sub-national societies with national societies and reasons and roots of coherence and solidarity or its weakness.

  5. Investigating the rate and quality of the effects of regional and universal transformations on Iran’s sub-national societies and national communities.

  6. National unity and social integration

  7. National identity, societal identity and the process of identification.

  8. Factors influential on identity making process

  9. The impact of cultural, social, mental and global transformations on national identity

  10. Research and examination of the roots of integration and dis-integration among cultures and realization of the causes and reasons of national and sub-national solidanty.

  11. Inter cultural relationships

  12. Comparative and scientific study of identity politics of the country during its different historical periods.

Kinds of activity
This institute performs different kinds of activities, the major ones listed as follow:

  1. Establishing library and special archive for professors and research colleagues

  2. Establishing data bank about research interests of the institute and offering services to the customers

  3. Holding seminars, fairs and round tables

  4. Publishing books, tapes and compact disks (CDs) about the related fields of the institute

  5. Holding and establishing short-term teaching workshops according to the demands of related centers.

  6. Publishing quarterly research journal of National Studies

  7. Forming research groups for scientific and systematic study about past, present and future of national and sub-national identities and effective factors on the relationship between the two.

Select Publication Group



TITLE: Ethnic Transformations in Iran

        : Dr. Mojtaba Maghsoudi

        : By National Studies Institute

        : 2001






TITLE: National Identity in Iranian ethnic songs

        : Bahman Kazemi

        : By National Studies Institue

        : 2001






TITLE: Bridging Differences

        : Author: William B. Gudycunst

        : Translators: Dr. Ali Karimi and Masoud Hashemi

        : By Tamaddon Irani Publication

Those who are interested in research and writing articles about those aforementioned topics, can receive the abstract and full text of the recordings of the institute through post or electronic communication. Meanwhile the journal office invites the respected writers and authors to send their articles concerning the research interests of the journal to be published after it has been evaluated.

In 2004 I contacted the National Studies Institute regarding the research I was doing at the time for a doctoral thesis about Iranian sub-cultures. They were very helpful and I feel fortunate that I was able to communicate with them considering what was happening geopolitically in the Middle East at the time. The Iranian parliamentary elections of February 20 and May 7, 2004 were a victory for Islamic conservatives over the reformist parties. Considering that the elections took place amidst a serious political crisis following the January 2004 decision to ban about 2500 candidates, mostly reformists by the conservative Council of Guardians vetting body, I had expected that I would not be able to contact anyone, let alone get information for my paper. I think I was lucky. My doctoral thesis was central to my getting a teaching position at a prestigious college in the US. Jump ahead a dozen years and I am still teaching having advanced to a tenured professorship. This past week I had another success with internet research. This time not for academic reasons, but instead looking for a round pillow dog bed online. LOL. But I must admit search skills are very important. My Huskie mix dog tends to be very rough on his dog beds, so I try to buy a new one when I can find a sale. I lucked out this time finding a new site that was holding a Black Friday Sale on their great looking round dog beds. I am hopeful that the quality fabrics they use with be able to withstand Gunter's hard play. Time will tell, but for now he seems to love the new bed. A lot has happened in the intervening years since I first approach the National Studies Institute. For one, this site is no longer active and simple communications to the Institute are no longer possible.



TITLE: Population and national sovereignty

TITLE: Geography and national unity

TITLE: Difficulties and tribal crisis in Pakistan and mechanisms of contagion to inside of Iran

TITLE: National unity in tribal songs

TITLE: Studying the works of Shahrokh Meskoub

TITLE: Founding the department of psychology

TITLE: Pan Turkism threat against national security of Iran

TITLE: Studying the content of Gileva monthly

TITLE: Collection of projects around Islamic unity

TITLE: Researching titles about different tribes on their tribal specialties


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